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Are you satisfied with your speech clarity? Childhood speech sound issues can persist into adulthood if not successfully remediated when younger.

Are you undergoing orthodontic or restorative dental treatment and is it progressing as planned? Tongue posture, mouth breathing, and swallowing differences can interfere with successful outcomes of orthodontic or restorative dental treatment.

CCSPOM provides an evidence- based, effective and efficient therapy program to facilitate your best expression!

Speech sound disorders/articulation:

CCPOM utilizes a motor-based approach for adults with Speech Sound Disorders. Therapy goals include:

  • Increasing awareness of the speech mechanism and its parts
  • Inhibiting abnormal speech movement patterns
  • Facilitating normal speech movement patterns
  • Achieving successful, automatic speech sound production in conversation.

What’s it take:

  • 60 minute evaluation
  • Treatment typically involves a weekly visit with the therapist combined with an individualized daily home practice program.
  • Average length of therapy: 12-16 visits

Daily repetitive practice of movements and/or sounds is required.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders:

Orofacial myofunctional disorders include:

  • Parafunctional digit, lip, and tongue sucking habits
  • Inappropriate mouth open, lips apart resting posture
  • A mandibular interdental or linguadental tongue resting posture
  • Anterior or lateral linguadental or interdental contact during the swallow

Oral myofunctional therapy (OMT) involves an individualized program of exercises and activities to retrain oral motor patterns that influence dental occlusion, facial shape, chewing, swallowing and speech patterns. Evidence has shown that OMT helps in the retention of dental/orthodontic treatment as well as creating and maintaining a healthy, optimum orofacial environment.


  • Establish and habituate normal freeway space dimension by eliminating parafunctional sucking habits and inappropriate tongue, lip, and jaw postures
  • Establish and habituate a closed lips, nasal breathing oral resting posture
  • Establish and habituate a mature swallow pattern utilizing a consistent linguapalatal seal
  • Establish and habituate mature chewing patterns
  • Establish and habituate normal articulation patterns

What’s it take:

  • 60 minute evaluation
  • Weekly 30 minute therapy visit
  • Daily home practice 2-3 times daily
  • Average length of tx. is 12-16 visits.
  • Covered by insurance with a medical doctor referral or prescription.

“Before meeting Patricia, I had a hard time with stuttering in public settings. Not anymore.”

Jamie – Podcast host


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